Brave 3D- My thoughts

How many of you have gone to see Brave??  I took my daughter and her friend to go see it as it was on our summer bucket list!  :) So what did I think of the film??

I am going to be honest...I enjoyed it but I think Tangled is better.  There I said it...needed to get that off my chest.  :) The plot reminds me of Pocahontas...there were several similarities. 

Brave had a very neat story line about a girl chasing her dreams but hurting her mother and others trying to chase it.  She gets mixed up in bad news when she met a witch who she thinks will help her solve her problems.  This can be applied to our every day lives simply by reminding ourselves that the enemy will try to get a foothold in any way possible just like the witch! 

Within the story there are 2 bears and my 4 year old and her 6 year old friend both were a bit frightened but they handled it well!  I do think that some of the story went over my 4 year old's head but she still seemed to enjoy it by the way she was talking about it on the way home.  

The main thing I took away from the movie is communication!  Yep good ole' communication!!  The mother/daughter relationship at the beginning of the movie is no where near what I want for my daughter and I.  I pray that my daughter will allow me to help guide her in finding the right spouse for her, but I also do not want to dictate every thing for her either.  I know God has big plans for her so I want to encourage her in those but not make things a chore for her.  I hope other mom's out there see the movie and agree with me that our role is so much more then what we see at the beginning of the movie.  I want to find the talents God has given my daughter and help her grow in them!  :) Can I get an AMEN!  :) 

Overall, I will probably see this movie again because I know my daughter will want to watch it again, and I do recommend it for you and your children.   :)  Please do not forget about the bear scenes, or at least prepare your kids for the little bit of scariness.  


Unknown said…
I haven't seen yet - and really want to, but I gotta say this...

Disney has NEVER seemed to be fond of the parental role:

Finding Nemo - killed off the mom
Bambi - killed off the mom
Cinderella - dead parents, evil stepparents
Snow White - evil mom

The list goes on... I don't even know why it is that way. Kinda sad, but oh well... As long as WE teach them the right things, hopefully they will want to follow and understand those teachings.

Great review btw :)