Cancer on the Brain by Jay Lefevers Review

I don't know what it is but if someone offers me a book about cancer I have to read it.  Now I really hope I don't sound gross when I said I had to read it.  I just relate to people because of my mother's story.  Let's get honest everyone knows someone close to them who has, had, or passed away from CANCER!  Thanks to the Greenleaf Book Group who gave me copy of the book "Cancer on the Brain" to conduct my review.  

When I read the title I was reminded of my High School friend who is winning is battle with Leukemia.  He wrote an online journal and a book which I have read.  He always made statements about how "cancer is always on your mind."  So I was unsure if this story would relate to dealing with the emotional toll of Cancer or if this man's battle was cancer on the brain.  I know most people would pick cancer is on the brain.  

Indeed Jay did have a cancerous tumor on his brain! On top of battling all that comes with cancer Jay coaches baseball and heads up a successful company!  This story is encouraging to many and is a quick read due to the authors humor!  :)  When I expected to read a story that would bring many tears back just reliving my personal story I actually found myself laughing instead.  Beyond the humor inside the story Jay does a great job of being real and gentle but most importantly INSPIRING!  I will admit that anyone who gets cancer, fights cancer, and lives to tell there story has received a gift.  A gift of a new life because life is never taken advantage of after going through surgeries, chemo, radiation, and the many drugs.  This is a good read for anyone!    

Go here to buy the book "Cancer on the Brain."

If you want to help fight cancer then consider making a donation to my sister's Light the Night Walk:   She is at 76% of her goal!  :) Every penny is appreciated!  


Kelly said…
Thanks April!!
Kelly said…
Thanks April!!

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