Car Scare!

This week my husband and I switched vehicles.  He was heading to camp so he needed the van for transportation and I got the car.  I used to drive the car so I thought no big deal!  That is until...

I was driving down the freeway and my daughter had started to open her door!  I turned my head and yelled "Selah NO!"  I slammed on my breaks, thankfully no one was near me.  I was only a few feet from an exit and was able to take the exit and pull over and turn the child safety door locks on.  

As you can imagine my heart was pounding!  I am so thankful this ended with my daughter still in her seat and me locking the door so she has no way of opening it again. 

PARENTS please take the time and turn your child safety locks on!  It is on the inside of the door and very simple to make it lock or unlock.  It would have been so easy for her to open the door completely and fallen out of her booster seat.  :(  She was protected that day and I had a long conversation with her about how dangerous it was.  She felt really bad so that was good and I apologized for yelling.  


Unknown said…
Oh my gosh! Glad nothing crazy happened (ok, crazier). I changed my husband's lock on his car when we installed the very first carseat in the car. his coworker's laugh when they can't get out, but they get it. lol

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