Chalk Paint- Chalk Idea #5

CHALK and PAINT are 2 things my daughter enjoys but put them together and WAHOOOO!!!  

In a muffin tin mix water and cornstarch and then add some food coloring to make colors.  Grab the paint brushes and head outside for creativity and play.  

My daughter created several spots of artwork but the hubby and I also jumped in and had a great time with her.  My 15 month old was sleeping during this time but I believe he would have enjoyed it too.  We might have to do it again soon to let him create and explore with it too.  :) 
Daddy and daughter creating! 

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Rebecca English said…
Great idea to combine two such fun creative equipments.

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.
Forgetful Momma said…
This is great, we finally have a sidewalk and a paved patio so we'll have to try this out this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine. :-)