Dog Sitting! Fun or Nightmare?

We were helping one of our youth group students by dog sitting her puppy.  I thought since her puppy is from the same litter of puppies as our puppy it would be fun. 

They dropped him of and immediately the dogs were having fun and playing.  My husband ended up taking each dog separately for a run before we put them to bed for the night.  

The next day things were going great the dogs were playing and being good.  I braved a walk with the dogs, stroller, and 4 year old.  WE made it!  :) :)  

Later in the afternoon the dog we were sitting decided to gobble his food really fast and then sneak and get as much food from our puppy as he could.  next thing we know he had thrown up a lot and cleaned most of it back up eating his gross puke!  :(  BARF!  

The hubby was really great helping clean the mess up.  We put the dogs in their beds while we were out and about and came back and the dog had thrown up again...and in his kennel!  The whole basement stunk!  :*(  It was gross, and again I am so thankful of my hubby since he took care of bathing the dog and cleaning the kennel!  :)  Praise God for awesome hubbies.  

Then after the dog was all cleaned up in horror he started peeing all over the house... :(  WHAT IS THE DEAL??  I think after my puppy constantly wanting to play and nip on him and then a bath he had enough and was trying to mark territory.  

So I did not want to complain too much so I never told the girl...only her mom.  I did not want her feeling really bad so I hope she is not reading this in horror.  LOL  If she is I hope she knows I love her and her dog still.  It was just a rough couple hours.

Do you have any dog or puppy horror stories?     


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