Excellent Rummage Sale Finds

I found a garage sale up the street from me and they were selling toys only.  A 10 year old little girl decided to sell her toys and ask her friends to help donate their toys so they could raise money for Lung Cancer Foundation because she lost her 1st grade teacher to the disease.  HOW GREAT!!!  

The prices were low so I let them keep my change because I could have gotten all of this for $8 but I spent $10 instead because of the cause.  I got 6 toy cars which all area a little different but 3 are from the movie Cars, dress shoes for my daughter, fun beads, a neat hopscotch/twister outside game, and some lacing tiles.  Both my kids were happy and excited!  

I have determined that I would have never have purchased all of that but since it was for CANCER and you all know I want to KICK CANCER IN THE FACE I bought a few more things for my kiddos.  :) 

My sister has reached 90% of her goal in her Light the Night to fight Leukemia.  Go read my family story and feel free to donate in honor of Bette Norden, MY MOMMA!  MISS HER SO MUCH!  


Anonymous said…
I lost my mother to colon cancer. It's definitely very hard! Glad you found some great finds, though! So glad I found your blog! :)

Danielle @ Healing the Heaviness

Thanks Danielle! Going to check your blog out now!