Firework Art- Happy 4th of July

We found some spiky balls that light up at Wal-Mart and we used them in our art project to create "fireworks."  :)  This is so easy but my 1 year old and 4 year old had a grand time.  I think they would have used 100 pieces of paper if I would have allowed it!  :)

To make for easy clean up I put the paper in a box!  SUPER EASY!

Grab your paper and some red, white, and blue paper and a tool like a spiky ball and create some fireworks yourself.  :)

The upper right hand corner my daughter made and the lower left hand corner my son made.  :) 


Kristina said…
We did our own fireworks using paint and forks! Love the spiky ball idea. My son would have gladly used more paper, too-- but after several sheets and glitter everywhere it was timet to steer him elsewhere! : )
Michelle said…
They turned out very cute! What a great idea. I can NOT believe your baby is 1 already!!! Wow, how time flies! I hope you have a great weekend!
I did not get the glitter out for this project...I thought about it but I skipped it!