Firework Treat: Chocolate Covered Marshmallows with Pop Rocks

One other item that my daughter and I made for her Lemonade stand was these amazing Chocolate Covered Marshmallows with Pop Rocks and to make it better they were the jumbo size Marshmallows!  :)  :)  They sold really well too!! :)  AWESOME!!  :) 

Here is what you need:
Marshmallows- we used jumbo size
Chocolate chips
Pop Rocks

Here is what we did:
On low heat we melted the chocolate- make sure you stir the entire time so you do not burn it!  
While I did the chocolate on the stove my daughter put the skewers through each marshmallow.  (Make sure you go through the middle to make it stable and less likely to slip off) 
Then I covered the marshmallows in chocolate and she helped put the pop rocks or sprinkles on each.  Then we laid them on wax paper to dry.  It was hot and humid the day we made these so we ended up putting them in the freezer.  

I was curious if the pop rocks would still pop after being in chocolate and the freezer and I am very pleased to let you all know they DID!!!!!!  YEP!!!!!!!  

So now my mind is wondering what else I can add pop rocks too??  Cookies??  Cupcakes??  :) :) :) 


og my goodness I love poprocks! chocolate covered pretzels w/ pop rocks!
Erin said…
How fun! The pop rocks would be so cool!

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