Flip Along Fun: Mix Up to Match Up...The Right Answer! Review and Giveaway

I remember being in Junior High and reading chapter books that would allow you to pick and choose your ending.  It would say turn to page xx for this, or page xx for that.  It was very amusing to me as a teen.  Anyone else remember those?  Do they still have them??
Take that similar concept but adapt it to children and you get "FLIP ALONG FUN"!  Flip Along Fun is very engaging for little kids.  You get to flip the pages finding the right matches.  Their is reading, rhyming, matching, sequencing, colors, and math all involved in this fun book.  Watch this video to see how it works:


So what did my son and daughter think?  First my daughter and I sat down and I showed her how it works and she caught on right away.  She would match up the pictures and ask me to read it.  Then we discussed the math involved and the rhyming words on each page.  I think she loved the bear character the most!  I am not sure if she just liked the bear or if it is because she is a big "Brave" fan which has bears in it.  My son is only 16 months old  and he liked flipping the pages.  I also like to point out and label the animals for him but I think he would rather flip the pages over and over again.   Give him a few more months and he will enjoy this as much as his sister.  :) I hope they make more of these stories because they are a ton of fun and incorporate a lot of learning which makes this mommy happy!

Time to enter the giveaway to win a copy of "Flip Along Fun."  


s said…
Mike and Sarah live on scenic St. Simons Island, GA.
Mommy Powers said…
The authors reside on an island, in Georgia! How cool is that?!
Jessica A. said…
Michael and Sarah Dowling write and illustrate children's books.
Unknown said…
Mike and Sarah live on scenic St. Simons Island, GA.
Sunnie said…
I like how the book teaches learning,, they have also written other childrens books
sunniewoodyplus2 atmsn.com
Teresa Thompson said…
Michael Dowling, writer, earned an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business in New York City.
They have written many other childrens books.
Maegan Morin said…
I learned that Micheal earned his MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business in New York City
Donna said…
Micheal earned his MBA from Columbia
Lena said…
Teaches 8 Important Learning Concepts

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