Happy 16 month's Lil Man

I say it every time but time sure keeps flying by! 

My biggest realization this month is I no longer have a baby but instead a toddler.  ): Sad and excited all in one emotion.  I love seeing his curiosity but with curiosity comes some dangers.  His favorite activity is climbing anything and everything so that keeps me on my toes.  I have found him on top of the coffee table, kids table, and kitchen table!  I have even found him on the small window ledge!  

One other character trait that has been coming out is some temper tantrums.  When he knows what he wants he will throw a temper tantrum and with limited words it makes it difficult to know what he is crying for.  

My favorite thing from him are his hugs and kisses and they are the best in the world! 

Dear 16 month old Lil Man,
I love you so much!  Please stop growing so fast!  Mommy is so thankful she gets to spend every day with you and sister!  You have added so much fun, love, and laughter to this family.  LOVE YOU!


Also, if you like that swing in the picture... stay alert for my post on the review so you can get yours!  :)  


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