I am a piece of God's Team

This was a fun craft that we did at kids camp a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to share it because my daughter still loves it and we have read and reread the sayings on it.  

The sayings include:
- I have to give it my all!
- I must never give up praying!
- I must follow His Instructions!
- I shouldn't quit when times get tough!
- I have to serve those around me!
- I need to share what I know!
- I should be humble!

At camp you could pick how you wanted to decorate your puzzle piece.  My daughter and I both chose marble painting.  :)  We had fun!  Some chose to sponge paint and some did both.  We then had a wall of our puzzle pieces together and that looked neat!  

So are you playing on God's Team? 


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