Lobster Night: I was a Newbie!

Call me a Lobster Virgin- wait nope not anymore!  I finally ate my first lobster!  I think the experience was more fun then the taste... I think I am more of a steak girl!  

Anyways, I was at a leadership party for church and it was a lobster night.  We got our lobster fresh and overnight delivered from Maine!  I had to pick my lobster up and I got to put him in the boiling hot water.  Ok, I know that is morbid and sad but still it was part of the experience.  

After the lobster came out of its hot bath the fun part began with trying to crack it open and getting the good meat.  It was hard but thankfully I was with a lot of people who knew what they were doing so they had fun showing me how to do it right! 

I drenched the lobster in some butter and took a bite and I took several more bites but I concluded that I am a steak girl over lobster.  I am glad I got to experience it but it still tasted fishy to me, maybe with a little lemon pepper??  

So do you like Lobster? 


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