No Mess Finger Painting and Color Mixing!

This was a very simple and fun activity and the best part was NO MESS!  Yep a mess free way to finger paint!  :) 

I had seen this idea and I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to find the person to thank them and link them to this post and I can't find it!  :(  ANYONE know???  I like to give credit when credit is due.  When I saw this I thought "why, did I not think of that?"  

What you need to recreate your own mess free painting experience.  
-Big Zip Lock Bags
- White Card Stock Paper
- Paint

Then put the paper in the bag and add a few drops of paint and zip it up!  Children of all ages can enjoy this activity!  Allow them to mush the two colors together.  Practice writing letters or numbers or even fun designs.  :) 

I did not have all the primary colors but I was still able to teach my son and daughter color mixing.  

We tried blue and yellow to make green, pink and yellow to make orange, blue and pink to make purple, and lots of colors to a darker color.  

THANKS to autonomous comment they found the blogger who had done this.  Thanks to The Hippie Housewife!  


Jenn said…
If you have a child like mine, you may want to also tape the top of the ziploc back to help keep it closed! My daughter's VBS did a small version of this yesterday. They, thankfully, taped the top together, so it made it about 24 hours before popping the bag! :)
My boys loved doing this, I did a version of this where we taped it to the window and they could paint against the window. I don't know that you got it from me. Thank you for posting on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week.
Anonymous said…
love this! Saw this also on pinterest, maybe where you got the idea?

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