Selah's Fundraising Outcome

Today was the day we set up Selah's Snack Shack and waited for customers to come.  :)  

We had a RED, WHITE, and BLUE theme for the day since it is 4th of July weekend.  :)  On our menu 4 different Kool-Aid drinks, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, red/white/blue Rice Krispie treats, and lots of cookies.  :) Everything tasted GREAT! 

I am very pleased at how many random people stopped by, but you can also see the people who are trying their very hardest to avoid you with the no eye contact thing.  It's OK I understand life is busy.  

I am very proud of my daughter for wanting to do this.  :)  I wish we had raised more money to fight Leukemia but either way I am still impressed with the sales and money that came from a 2 hour  lemonade stand.  :) :) 

I think everyone knows someone who has battled CANCER now, it might not be an immediate family member but it seems that everyone knows someone who has it.  I wish I could just karate chop it out of existence but it is not that easy.  Join our cause and donate to the Light the Night  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:  Every single penny that is donated is a step closer to someone being cured!  It may be almost 10 years since I lost my mom to Leukemia but I still miss her, and I never want anyone to go through the pain she went through or the pain our family went through as we said our good byes.