Thankful Thursday

Time to Praise HIM!   Here are a few things I am praising and thanking HIM for this week.

1. Harvest- We had some yummy peas and the cucumbers are growing.  This year is my first garden so I am happy to have anything!  :) 

2. The many new followers I have on this blog-the awesome Alexa Review that was left for me! All the positive feed back I have received!  

3. Ice Cream- it has been a hot summer and ice cream makes my heart happy.  :) 

4. Having my hubby home, he was gone at camp last week so it is always nice to have him back home! :)

5. Playing Cribbage with one of the older ladies from church!  She is a walking/breathing MIRACLE!  Loved hearing her testimonies!  :) Can't wait to do it again!  :)

6. Product Reviews- God sure has opened many doors to work with some really awesome companies!  

7. My Hubby- He guides this family so well!  I love him!  I cherish watching him with our 2 kids- HE IS AN AWESOME DADDY!

8. RAIN- we need more so I am thanking Him in advance cause I know it is coming!

9. Finaces, I trust HIM with mine! 

10. Music- I am so thankful to sing with my daughter.  We have so much fun being goofy singing and worshiping together. 

WHAT are you thankful for??


Unknown said…
Today is friday but I'm still Thankful for the same things.
1.For God's love,forgiveness and salvation.
2.For Him always providing my needs and finances.
3.My healing of cancer.just had my 2nd clear PET scan & I'm giving God all the Praise & Glory.
4.For giving my daughter a job.
5.For my awesome mom,sisters,neices love and support during chemo last yr.
6.That I've won lots of giveaways.Cash & GC's are always a blessing.
7.For blessing me 20 yrs ago this month of finding this awesome apt I live in.
8.For a truck that gets me where I need to go.
9.For my future healing of my back injuries.
10.For everything beautiful person who has touched and will touch my life in a positive way.
I hope you and your family have a very blessed wkend!
Awesome list!!! Yay to a clean PET scan. Praise God