TV Guardian- Block the swearing! :)

TV Guardian is the only technology out there that will block out the profanity from movies and TV shows.  They are having a sale right now for $20 off!  I currently do not have this feature and curious if any of my readers have used it???  I want to hear what you think of it??? 


Jenifer Harrod said…
My Mom has the T.V. guardian and really loves it. I just wish I could get one for my computer because we use mostly the computer for our viewing. They are really handy but if your movie doesn't have closed captions then it will not work for that one. Most do though. I hope this helps. the kids an I have talked about making our own with funny words written down below instead of the regular hugs or whatever it says. Just to make it more interesting. Come by and see us on the blog.
I will have to discuss it more with the hubby! :)

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