Another boo boo

It was almost a year ago when I shared with you that my husband got in a motorcycle accident.  He was very fortunate and only had a big arm gash.  

Well, we have no motorcycle thankfully but he did get a big gash tonight from working on the van!  

He said it was a stupid mistake and he was working too quickly and made a mistake.  A big painful one as a spring came up and hit him in the eye.  OUCH!

I am thankful we did not have to go to the ER.  I called our friend from church who is a nurse and sent her a picture of him and she said since we stopped the bleeding we could put some butterfly strips on it.  So after getting it all cleaned out and bandaged and taking some Ibuprofen he went back to finish the van.  

I am even more thankful that the spring did not hit him dead center of his eye...that could have been really bad!  God is doing a quick healing in him but what scary evening!  Thanks for praying for his quick healing!


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