Camping Adventure with the Youth Group

My husband has the best job ever!  Being a youth pastor allows us to "stay young" as I like to say it.  We get to have tons of fun!  :)   This last week we took the group camping!  I was blessed because the kids, my self, and all the girls got to sleep in  a cabin while the boys got tents.  :)  It is getting very cool at night so being inside was a bit warmer then the boys.

We were able to go swimming, canoeing, paddle boating, and all the other campfire cooking fun.  The youth group went Kayaking but I stayed back with the kids.  

My daughter was having so much fun that she was very sad we were not staying another night.  She wanted 3 nights not 2. On a different note she became so scared to use the outhouse after hearing about the "huge spider."  Partly my fault as I got scared when I saw it.  It was a huge wood spider and it was really big and scary.  I know I sound like a big baby but the thing was not jumped!  I know most of you are laughing at me but I tried to make my hubby kill it.  So I managed to make some record time bathroom trips.  My daughter held it from one evening till the next day at a gas station till about 9am.  It was well over 12 hours!

This was my favorite view, it was the morning as the sun was rising.  It was so peaceful!  LOVE

We also got to bring our dog and I am pretty sure she did not want to come home.  She did not swim much but she had so much fun running around!  :)  SHE LOVED IT! 


Unknown said…
Oh you looked like you had a blast! Happy Sunday :)
Dad Of The Day said…
Great job mommy, but don't scare the kid, play it off next time and act brave, she will to in return.

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