DIY-Bubble Snakes

This is going to be a favorite outside activity for my kids.  My daughter had so much fun blowing the bubbles while my 16 month old son had fun playing with the bubbles.  

Here is what you will need:
a plastic bottle
dish soap
Food coloring (optional) 
old sock
Tape or rubber band

How to make:
1. Cut bottom of plastic bottle
2. place sock over opening you cut
3. tape sock onto bottle 
4. mix soap and water in a dish 
5. dip sock in soapy water and blow
6. You can add some color by putting a couple drops right on the sock.  (can get messy)

We had purchased that juice for kids (Hog Juice or something) that has a sports bottle top.  It was shorter and the top has the cap that opens and closes and I think made it easier for a small mouth to blow but safer so they are less likely to swallow soapy water.  My 16 month old did try but he is a bit to young to understand blowing out and did end up sucking in and resulted in a mouthful of soapy water.  After that he had more fun playing in the bubbles.  

When we did use some food coloring it showed up real nice for the first few blows but faded fast so you might have to continue to add drops to keep the colors coming.

Another fun idea is to have a contest to see who can make the longest snake!  :)   

**Parents you too will have fun... I did!!  I also know my husband thinks these are super cool.  He came home from work and said "bubble blowers cool, where did you get those?" Then he thought it was even cooler when he noticed they were homemade!  :) 

Also, this was another Pintrest find!  A big shout out to Housing a Forest for posting this and pinning this for others to see!  :)