Driving Driving Driving

Well we made it safely to our destination and one thing that helped make the car ride fun for my daughter was spotting all the windmill's.  They are very neat to see!

I think seeing a whole bunch of them in a field is kinda fantasy like.  Then thinking fantasy or magical my mind reminded me of the movie "The Lorax" and I could not help but picture these windmill's painted in pretty bright colors.   :)  HOW NEAT WOULD THAT BE??  :)

It would be like seeing the Truffla Tree's...magical!  :)

I know my imagination might be silly but I have fun!  I really do believe that if the windmills had some color on them it would be very very pretty.  Some people might disagree but oh well.  I imagine that they are all white because more paint would me more expenses and these are very expensive.  So sadly I don't think I will ever see them in bright colors but I can in my imagination.  :)