Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband

Dear amazing husband of mine,

I love you!  I love you more then when we were dating, I love you more then when we said "I Do."  I am so happy to be your wife, your soul mate, your one and only!  

I pray that this is a year of blessing after blessing for you!  I know you are a faith leader and seeker in our family and I thank you for that.  

So I hope today is a great day and this year is beyond good, great, fantastic!  God has his hand upon you and is going to continue to guide and direct you!  

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... I will always love you!  

We actually went out last night to celebrate his birthday.  We went shopping to try to find some new shoes for him but left empty handed.  Oh well!  Then we went and ate some dinner followed by some frozen yogurt down town.  

It was an interesting evening down town.  As we were eating our treat we witnessed a young guy steal a pizza and tip jar from the local pizza joint.  He outran them and I have no idea what happened to him.  I hope that kid finds JESUS!  


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