Hmmm... the great pants debate!

Most of you know or at least seen that in all the pictures of my daughter she is usually in a DRESS.  I have been preparing her to wear pants more since she will be going to 4k in September.  She is very excited but has always been a dress wearing girl.  I took her shopping and we finally agreed on some shirts and pants.  YAY!!!

We get home and I told her to give daddy a fashion show of the new outfits.  I was excited and misty eyed because she is growing up so quickly.

Then I panic a little bit... since she always wears dresses or leggings she struggled with her zipper and button.  OH NO!!!   I have visions of her at the bathroom at school frustrated and not able to get her pants down and wets her pants.  I know foolish right?!  

Looks like this mom is going to be practicing for the next week straight to ensure she can do it!!  Also, she is so skinny she needs a belt... this is going to be so tricky!



Sheila Siler said…
One of the reasons I always liked long tops and stretchy pants for my girl when she was little! Good luck.
Reccewife said…
I can only every buy those pants with the elastic hidden in the waist, my kids are too skinny for normal pants :P.
I had to transition to sometimes wearing pants for my dress wearer, it's exciting and a little sad to see her out of a dress sometimes!
pianofingers said…
Just always pack a change of extra clothes! She will be ok though!
Pianofingers- We will for sure have an extra set of clothes there! :)

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