Last Minute 4K Changes

I had one of those Mama Bear moments.  You know the moment where you are being a good mom and then you listen to your voice-mail and the message says, "Hi, this is _____ from the school district and we just want to inform you of a change in your daughters school placement" and then all of a sudden panic sets in and there is steam coming from your head.  All these questions raced through my head such as:
1. I registered in Spring and went to the first open house at the school already, where we took a tour, met teachers, found classrooms... so why a change?
2. It is a week before school starts why a change so late?
3. How did they determine my daughter has to change schools when I registered her as soon as I could?
4. Why did I bother preparing her and taking her to what I thought would be her playground and school?
5. Lord, do you want me to keep her home?

My husband is such a great man... a man of peace and a man who knows how to calm his wife.  He took it upon himself to communicate and find out what the issue was.  

I prayed about it and stopped freaking out.  My daughter is very excited to go to school and she really could care less about where.  Why should I allow my stressing ruin her excitement!  God will use her at what ever school and she will be the light there!  I KNOW IT, I PRAY IT! 

The school she will be going to is a good school, I know it is.  My main concern was transportation as she will now be on the bus a lot longer. 

After the phone conversations were finished I just decided to hand it over to God and I trusted he would guide me.  I am very at peace with her going to this school and I hope after tomorrows open house I will be more excited about the change. 

So why the change?  Well, our home-school  does not offer 4K the district does but not the school closest to us.  This week there were several parents finally registering there child for school and if they are part of that home school they first get to go to that school and that is why my daughter got relocated. Frustrating for me since I registered her ASAP and was proactive and very interested in being an active mom with my child and her schooling.  

So I wanna hear about your Mama Bear experiences?  


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