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Mommy VS Doctors

I know this blog is positive but every now an again a mom has to vent a little.  This vent is mommy vs. DOCTORS and tests and IRON!

I have shared that at my son's 12 month and 15 month appointment his iron count was low and that we had to see a GI doctor.  We saw the GI doctor earlier this month where we discussed his low iron and low weight gain the last couple months.  The doctor threw out some things that I was not happy to hear such as Celiac disease, heartburn, Anemia, Chrones, and Stomach inflammation.  We had to gather some BM samples and do another blood draw.

I left that first appointment thinking my son is pretty healthy and does not seem to have any concerning factors for anything he had mentioned.  His iron numbers were 9.9 in April, 10.1 in June, and 9.9 in August but they want them 10.5-13.2.  So they are not too terribly low.

Yesterday the nurse called with his results and his blood and poop samples all were negative!  :)  NO food allergies, no Celiac!  YAY!  I was happy to hear that! I really did not want to have to change our diets completely... I mean I try to do more healthy and natural but going completely gluten free is not something I want to do.  I would if I had to but at this point I really did not want to do it.

Then the nurse goes on to say, "we still need to find out why his iron is low and why he is below weight. UGG, why does every kids have to fit in a mold????  They are recommending a Colonoscopy!  SERIOUSLY???  I was a bit shocked and frustrated.  I mean he is healthy, has not been on any medication only a couple small viruses.  He shows no signs of any of the diseases they mentioned.  He is still growing taller but his weight gain is slower because he never stops...he is a boy with lots of energy and has been walking/running since he turned 1... so why should he be gaining so much weight when he burns so much.  I AM SMALL, my hubby was small lil kid, and my daughter has always been smaller too.    It is in his gene pool to be little and I am no way wanting him to get a colonscopy just to go digging  around.

I guess I do need to ask a few more questions.  How can I try to get his iron numbers higher with diet and supplements?  What happens if someone's iron stays low for a long period of time?  How can we be sure his body is digesting his iron?  They said they wanted to do the colonoscopy to check again for Celiac, chones, and see if his stomach and intestines were irritated.  I do not feel I got all my questions answered yet, and I want to talk to my regular doctor too but I needed to vent.

Trust me I want to do what is right for my kids but I just do not see why the next step would be a colonoscopy??

Anyone out there go through this???  Any advice?  I hate to google all of this medical stuff but right now I am not thrilled with my doctors.  I think it is time to find a new one...


Miss Janet said…
Well bless your heart!

Dr. Jesus has ALL the answers. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth.

Your son is made in the image of the Most High God. He is perfectly whole and healed. Hallelujah! Praise Him!

DramaMama said…
Oh hon, believe you me, I am not a doctor fan right now either. But I am wondering why the first course of action was not to simply have him take some baby vitamins?? Easy enough! We used the Poly Vi Sol w/iron, which you can buy at Walgreens, but I'm sure other places have it too. As far as foods - kale, broccoli, etc...even liverwurst! Lots of iron in there! He might like liverwurst - my daughter LOVED spreading it on crackers or something crunchy. But I agree w/Miss Janet. We will pray for Titus. I vote skip the colonoscopy and try a few other things first. Here's a quick link about absorbing iron from your diet easier...good luck!
DramaMama said…
D'oh - forgot the link!
Katie said…
Our doctor had us try a couple of simple things:
Give a vitamin with iron, the on we were using didn't have any
When he eats foods that are iron rich don't drink milk with it, it blocks the absorption of the iron.

I would personally consider changing pediatricians/getting a second opinion before going through a colonoscopy
THANKS!!! You all are very encouraging.

Right now he has a vitamin with Iron and then he also has Iron Supplement drops that he takes too.

I agree on the second opinion!

I have already surrendered this whole issue to JESUS... and am just waiting for him to give me some guidance.

As of right now no peace on the colonscopy so we will wait!

Prayers for Titus to gain weight and his iron levels to raise! THANKS
We are struggling with a food allergy we think here at our house also. Poor Zeke has had the runs from May on an off until now. He is a little crankier then normal and you can just tell he doesn't feel well. We go in for our 1st allergy appointment on Wednesday next week hoping to see if it is a food allergy or not.
Does he like smoothies? I do a lot of smoothies with spinach in them that the kids LOVE!!!!!
Great Idea Rachel, he loves smoothies and I love adding spinach in them. I think this might have to be our daily snack! :)

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