Pool Noodle Sight Words

Parents or teachers this activity was affordable and easy to create!  I took a normal pool noodle and cut it 1-2 inches apart until I had enough for 26 letters.  

After they were all cut I put 3 letters around them.  (I did this with some thinking as to sight words I could make)  For instance I wanted to work on 2 letter words so on one noodle I put I, A, U on the other I put T, S N.  When you move the letters around you can make the sight words: IT, IS, IN, AT, AS, AN, US, UN.  I have flash cards that my daughter would use to help her make the words.  

Each letter she would give me the name and sound and then she started to learn the words.  We did 2 letters, 3 letters, and 4 letters.  :) 

I also used some yarn to keep them connected. 


Fun! And I think noodles are on sale right now!
Owl Things First
Yep- most are clearanced off! GO SHOPPING!!
We have lots of extra $ Store noodles to cut up. This is perfect for playing in the tub--even without water! Thanks for the great idea!
Oh, great idea. It would be fun to practice sight words in the pool.

Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!