Sela Designs-Jewelry made for Charity!

I am so excited to share this review with you.  I love the products, I love the designer's heart, and I love the prices!  

Sela Designs was created by a full time mom who's heart is overflowing with giving!!  (We all could learn something from this mom)  When this mom had her son in 2009 she left the corporate world behind to do be a mommy full time.  This was a drastic change from her previous fast paced life style and a major budget change.  This mom was able to give money much more freely when working full time but with a new budget she was unable to give.  She started creating jewelry to raise money for her husband to go on a mission trip to Mexico.  Little by little her business grew and in 2010 she officially started Sela Designs.  

Sela Designs still continues as a non-profit, all profit is donated to Charity!  Two of the charities Sela Designs contributes the most to is Eagles Nest Orphanage in Soto La Marina, Mexico and a group whose humanitarian efforts are rescuing the street children of Madagascar.  Helping people in dire poverty is something she is extremely passionate about.  This mom is doing her part to save lives not only physically but also spiritually!  HOW AWESOME... I am so inspired by this mamma!  

So I got a mother's bracelet and I LOVE IT!!!  Both of my kids names are hand stamped and I have each of their birthstones also on the bracelet.  There is also a key and a heart and you all know my kids to carry "the key to my heart."  The bracelet also has a tree on it to symbolize the "tree of life."  It looks stunning when its on and the colors of my kids birth stones match with a ton of my clothes.  :)  I had a fun joke with my husband when I showed him how much more room was left on the bracelet for "more" kids, but he did not laugh.  I also have a different necklace and earrings from Sela Designs that she made for a wedding I was in.  I know they are top quality pieces with a great price. 

 Sela Designs offers this personalized bracelet with two hand stamped silver filled circles (more if you need them), two birthstones or wedding colors of your choice, your choice of either the heart shaped leaf, the tree of life, or a branch.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER .  Remember this piece is also a great gift for grandma, great grandma, sister, aunt, friends, brides, or Sweet 16.  Give the gift of jewelry for Christmas, birthday, Valentines, Mother's day, or just to say I LOVE YOU.  This bracelet is currently for sale for $30!!  BUT WAIT you can get a 10% discount by following Sela Designs on Facebook and then enter PRAISES10 during check out on Etsy.  Sela Designs does many giveaways on her Facebook site so make sure you like her so you can win.  Or email Sela Designs directly at  to discuss what you want

There are several other pieces that I wanted to show you because I love them and am considering birthday or Christmas gifts!  :) :) 

Sela Designs has things for your kids! 

With a lot of color!

Necklaces to match any outfit.  

Go visit and help support the charities that are near and dear to Sela Designs heart!

If you are not interested in buying a piece right now bookmark her store, pin this 

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Another thing you can join me in doing is praying for Sela Designs.  With a 

passion to help others behind this store it sure is worth our prayers! Also pray for 

the charities who get the money from this store! 


Lisa said…
Such beautiful jewelry and for a great cause! Thanks for the info, I'm going to check her Esty shop out right now!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to last weekend's GtKY blog hop!
Thanks Lisa! Hope you find something perfect! :)
DoubleTheLove! said…
Wow, that is a beautiful bracelet! So excited to hear of other ETSY shops who give proceeds from their sales to those in need. :)

(NGF, found you through sippy cup chronicles :)