Singing Happy Birthday to Daddy

Singing Happy Birthday to Daddy was fun for my kids.  They love their daddy so much and he loves them!  My daughter made an adorable card which I will blog about next to give you the step by step instructions.  :)  

The kids and I went to JcPenny's for a free photo shoot a couple weeks ago.  I had them in superman and supergirl costumes.  :)  It was fun even if my son was not a fan and very crank during the photo shoot...he had to have his paci just so we could get a few shots in.  
The framed worked looks great and it says "Daddy's Lil Superheroes"  I love it! 

We also made daddy a chocolate cake and but chocolate covered raisins on it.  A bit different then your usual sprinkles but it was good.  :)  

Here is to another great year for my husband!  :) 


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