S'more's with my Lil Sweetie

Usually on Wednesday's you find us at the church for youth group.  I love helping my husband but over the last several months I have not been able to help as much as I want with chasing two kiddos.  I really need to find someone to babysit my bundles for me but budget wise we just can't pay someone.  Tonight at youth they were having a bon fire and my daughter loves hanging with the students but her little brother needed to go to bed since he was very fussy.  So she started to have tears roll down her face when I said we would miss the fire.  

Well, as soon as I got the little brother in bed we had a deck date with candles and s'more making.  :) 

My little girl is growing up so fast.  As I starred at her through the candle light I got misty eyed because she is so big.  She was talking non stop about so many different things.  I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! 

Mother's make sure you make the time and prioritize some one-on-one times with each of your children.  They truly will enjoy it and so will you! 

We made s'mores, sang to Jesus, and she asked many questions about my mom who is in heaven.  Every once in awhile she asks a lot of questions about her Nana Bette and every time I take the unexpected conversation and share secrets and stories about my mom.  I know my mom would be so proud of her grand-kids and me too! :) 

Dear Darling Daughter,
I am so proud of you!  So proud of who you are becoming and so proud of each and everything you accomplish.  I love your big smile and your goofy smiles too.  I really appreciate your help when I need it and even though you sometimes grumble and have an attitude you still really do love to be a helper.  Pretty soon you will be going to 4K and I know you will be the LIGHT in that school!  I pray for more boldness in you and a contagious faith for many to see. THANK YOU for being YOU!  I am such a blessed mommy!  :) 


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