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Squirt the letter game- letter recognition and sounds with some fun. (CHALK IDEA)

What child does not love squirt bottles?  I know my kids keep finding my plant bottle and keep trying to get each other and the dog.  So instead of spraying each other I turned this into some work for my preschooler.  I have some flashcards and anytime we use them we have to be doing something more fun then flipping through them.  So I created a letter board using sidewalk chalk.  After that was completed I had my daughter hop from letter to letter saying her alphabet.  Then I got the flash cards out and she had to tell me the letter, give me the sound, and then locate it on the sidewalk and shoot and aim!  :)  She had a lot of fun.  We also got to do the letters more then one time because the water was drying so quickly!  I also would give her a number and that was how many squirts she had to squirt the letter.  (Had to sneak some math in there.)  

I wish I would have done upper and lower case letters.  I really need to start working more on lower case letters but I never seem to think about it till I'm done with the activity.  

I also let my 16 month old have fun with the squirt bottle!  :)  He had fun aiming at all the letters.   


Unknown said…
Really neat idea! Looks like the kids had a blast.
Thanks Candice! It was a blast!
Unknown said…
Not only a great idea to learn letters but fantastic for fine motor skills! Thanks for linking up at Miss Information
Laura Cyra said…
So many possibilities with this one I love it!! Thanks for sharing it is on my list of ways to keep my kids from driving me insane!! Laura from Real Momma stopping by to say thanks for linking up in the Best of Your Best Blog Hop!
Shayna Murray said…
Excellent idea. I'll have to write this one down for next summer when my little one will be the right age for it!
Thanks everyone! I hope you all enjoy it- Feel free to link mine up if you make a post about it later. :) :)
This is such a great idea for a summer activity. It really does sound like fun!
great minds think alike! We did this with sight words this week - what a hit!!! Lots of wet spraying fun while learning
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