Teddy Bear Park, Ice Cream, Parade, Movie Adventure

We were visiting my dad and sister this weekend and they live near the Wisconsin/ Minnesota border with lots of different things to do.  

If you are ever in Stillwater Minnesota then you will need to take a visit with your kids to Teddy Bear Park.    

I enjoyed this park since it is recommended for kids 7 and under.    They playground seems very clean and organized.  My two kids had a lot of fun.  We played ate a picnic lunch and then played some more.  :) 

I also had my 10 year high school reunion this weekend and was happy to go but to be honest I was very sad at the turn out of the event.  :(  I have not seen many of them in years.  I really lost touch with many of them after I lost my mom to Leukemia.   Relationships seem to change with a big loss and with college.  Majority of the people I hung out with in school were not at the reunion so I was sad.  :(    

After playing and a long car ride home we had to stop and eat some ice cream! 

While on our visit we also enjoyed a movie at the theater watching, Ice Age.  A town near my dad's was also doing their festival and we were able to go and watch the parade and get a lot of candy thrown at us.  :)