Thankful Thursday

I know I have not been consistently doing this post every week...I must try harder to get this post  up each week.  I have so many things each day to be thankful for so I should be able to share a few each week.  :) 

So here is what I am Praising HIM for this week:

1. God answered some prayers...not just a small one but some big ones.  :) HEALING! :)

2. Summer- this has been a very fun summer.

3. My husband, he had a birthday this week and I love to spoil him. 

4. I might be watching a little boy my son's age which would bring in a little money and provide a playmate for my son while my daughter starts 4k.  :)

5. Air was another hot day. 

6. The farmers market... I love the fresh yummy food. :) 

7.  This blog- meeting lots of fun new people!  :) So encouraging! :)


Bethe77 said…
Love your thankful list. Yes there is so much to be thankful for. Love answered prayers. Fresh veggies from a farmers market the best.