Alphabet Spoon- Matching Game

 Thank you to; From Kindergarten With Love, who gave me this idea.  I love her vinyl letters and wish I could have made mine like that, but I have no a marker will have to do.  :) :) 

Kids love games and I have noticed that if I say "game" to anything my daughter gets excited.  :)  When those "games" are educational I get excited.  :) 

This was very easy to create!  I found both clear and white spoons at the dollar store.  I used white as my capital letters and clear as my lower case letters.  

I know my daughter knows her capital letters much better then lower case so this game is good practice for her to start to learn those lower case letters better.  

I spread the upper case and lower case letters out in two different piles.  Then I first had her locate the letters in her name and put the lower case with the upper case.  After she did her name I told her to try to make as many pairs as she could.  I could easily see her getting frustrated because of all the letters still left.  So to alleviate some of her stress I took out 5 upper and 5 lower case letters to make pairing a bit easier for her.  

I now know what lower case letters we really need to focus on!  The spoons are easy to store and this could even be a travel game!  :)  We are taking a road trip soon for a wedding and it will be fun for her to have one bag of letters at a time searching for the letters as she looks out the car window.  :)  So we will be taking these with us!  :) 


Anu Ganesh said…
Wow this very simple and fun game to play!! My preschooler would love the game :)
Oh such a lovely idea to use clear spoons! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)