Bible Heroes Daniel App from 4 Soils REVIEW

Bible Heroes: Daniel is now available to download.  :) 

Check out this video: 

Daniel is another great story to teach our children from the Bible and this app does more then share the story.  It has some fun shutting lions mouth's, finding Daniel, and coloring.  If you are a parent looking for safe apps then this is one for you!  Your children will have fun with this app!  It is colorful and bright and has a lot to keep a little one busy for a long time.  The coloring app is much easier then the other one so they fixed that lil

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What is inside:
  • ReadRead or listen to a Biblically accurate account of Daniel's faith in God. Explore a colorful backdrop of illustrations and touch animations that bring Daniel's story to life. Each story features direct scriptures from the Bible and a closing lesson to reinforce key concepts.
  • PlayEngage in integrated activities and games as you journey into Daniel's world. Help spot Daniel praying or help the angel shut the lions' mouths
  • ColorRecolor Daniel's world the way you imagine it with 12 coloring pages (and take a picture to send to Grandma or share it with your friends on Facebook)!