Blessed this week, Plus my Thankful post! :)


We were very blessed this week with a free baby grand piano!  :) :) :)  My husband has been wanting a piano for a long time so this was a unexpected blessing.  :) 

My husband and I have always talked about the kids getting musically trained and now with a beautiful piano it makes it easier.  

My husband knows how to play... REALLY WELL!  So he is going to start lessons with my daughter right away.  :) 

My son is already showing a big interest in the piano as well so I am sure he will take lessons in a couple years too.  

Here is the rest of my Thankful Praises for the week:

2. Slippers because the weather sure has been chilly.
3. 2 vehicles to get to and from all those wonderful places.
4. My daughter's 5th birthday going fantastic...or Pinktastic.  
5. My dog...even when she has been digging she still provides some fun and cuddles.
6. My son's tooth finally popping had been bothering him.  

What are you Praising Him for this week? 


Unknown said…
First I Praise Him for my husband and children.
For the roof over our heads.
For my husband having a wonder job, that allows me to be home with the children.
And for your blog, that keeps me on the path to Praise Him more. Thank you :)

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