Bored in School??

The other day my daughter got home from school and I noticed a mark on her arm.  At first I thought they painted so I asked and she said "no."  Then I thought marker?  Food?  I was puzzled for a little bit.

Finally, about 2 hours later I put a little mom spit on my finger and tried to rub her arm.  When nothing was coming off it finally clicked.  The shape of the marks and the location proximity to her mouth.  Get where I am going?


So I asked my sweet daughter if she had been sucking on her arm and she said "yes!"

I have never seen her do this and I hope she doesn't do it again!

So if she did it in school I am wondering if she just got a little bored?  She did say they watched a movie so maybe during that?  


Unknown said…
I do declare my 9 month old would love to do that already. She loves blowing on people's arms including her own.

School has become quite an interesting place for kids to be at in today's world.

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