Homemade Yarn Letters

I am so excited to get these letters on my kids bedroom doors.  I gave the task of putting them up to my husband so hopefully he will take some time this weekend to get them up.  

These are so easy!  Only 2 steps: 

First, find some cardboard and cut a letter out of it.  

Secondly find some yarn and have some fun wrapping it all over in what ever direction as long as it is tight.  Then tie a knot and cut left over yarn.  

I might even consider doing all of the letters of their name and then their name will be on their door.  :)  


Unknown said…
I really love this idea. Will have to remember this when we get to the letter Y.

Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk
These are so pretty and I love how you can change up the color combos to match it the any decor. Pinning this!