Play-Doh Monsters

Happy National Play-Doh Day!  :)  Did you get the Play-Doh out for this special day?  I was super thankful that while we were gone our babysitter made some fun pink Play-Doh for the kids on Saturday.  :)  

To add to the fun we got some googly eyes, and pipe cleaners and made some fun monsters.  :) 

There is so much imagination that comes from Play-Doh!  :)  I remember playing with it as a child and loving it.  My childhood best friend had this paper doll set that we would design clothes from play-doh and play with for hours.  :)  Good times and fun memories!  :)

Some parents are afraid of Play-Doh becoming a huge mess but really it is not bad.  As you can see we took our little table to the kitchen so no worries of getting it stuck in the carpet.  I also have seen many people put a table cloth under a table which is even easier as you can just fold it up and clean up is done.  :) 

Think about what types of things you can add to the play-doh experience and help your child create.  :) Some things we use, all types of kitchen gadgets, noodles, leaves, grass, and straws.  :)  Go have some Play-Doh Fun!