Soft Scrub Review and **GIVEAWAY**

Soft Scrub Total- All Purpose Cleaners

All three products of the Soft Scrub Total family have the patented trigger that allows you to clean with either a fine mist or thick foam.  The trigger even sprays upside down so you can get into those hard to reach places.  With all the power and versatility, now you only need to one product to clean your entire house.  :)

Some neat features include:
-Works upside down
-Foam or spray
-Tough on stains gentle on surfaces
-Cleans and deodorizes

My Review:
I have mentioned before that my son was on iron drops.  Did you know iron drops stain yellow?  Well, I found out the hard way.  Every day I would rinse the dropper and squirt the water in the sink and the bathroom sink developed a disgusting brown splatter from the iron drops.  It was gross and I am embarrassed to show you this picture but I want you to see the sparkly clean results from Soft Scrub.  :) 

Look I got it all off!!!  The best part I did not scrub... No effort at all just sprayed and wiped and it was gone!  :)  I love Soft Scrub Total!  

Soft Scrub is holding a sweepstakes with $3000 in prizes.  One lucky winner wins $1000 and 50 winners will win $40 each.  
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How about winning free Soft Scrub Product?  Enter the giveaway below using the easy rafflecopter form.  I will have 3 winners who will receive 1 coupon to receive a FREE Soft Scrub coupon for free product. Good LUCK!  


Anonymous said…
Which picture is your child and where is your picture to vote?
Dorothy Walters
My picture is the one with the bright green background. :)
Lisa R said…
not sure what a bright green background would be....can u be more specific

Lisa R said…
oh ok...I had to like to be able to see now and good luck
Glad you figured it out!! :) I was unsure how to explain it!
Unknown said…
Thanks for the really cool giveaway!