Thanking HIM

It is Thursday already so that means it is time to sit back and tell you all what I am thanking Him for this week!  :)  I hope you have a big list this week!  :) 

1. I am very thankful my daughter loves school and enjoys her bus ride to and from school.  

2. God orchestrating his perfect timing so I could watch a little boy my sons age!  :) YAY!

3. Football season... great excuse to sit back and relax!  :)  GO Pack GO!  

4. Sweet Corn- it is so yummy!

5. Pintrest- I have accomplished several in the last week!  So many good recipes and craft projects.  I LOVE IT! 

6.  YMCA free mini care- Our YMCA changed its fees for mini care (care to drop your child off and go work out)  TO FREE!!!!! YES!!!  We can have up to 2 hours a day free child care to use the facility!  :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

7. The new machines at the YMCA... walking a lil slow cause Im sore but its good! 

8.  Family- cause I get to see some on Sunday for my daughters birthday party! :) 

9. Quiet time- Jesus rocks! 

10. Cooler temps making sleeping awesome! :) 

What are you Praising and Thanking God for this week? 


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