Vroom Vroom: Car Race Drawing Fun

This activity is sure to please a lot of boys.  My son loves cars and he is so adorable making his "car sounds."  

This activity was very simple.  I took a piece of tag board and placed it on the table.  Then got a few cars out and taped a marker on it.  I even had  a bigger car that I taped 3 markers to.  

My kids had fun watching the "tracks" they made with their cars.  We did have to fix a few markers since my son pulled them off or they just came off but no big deal when everyone was having fun and still had a car.  :) 

Happy the tag board has a front and a back so we can do this again soon!  :) :) 

Another activity to do is play green light/Red Light.  A fun way practice stop and go.  :)  


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