2 Toilet fiasco's

So many of you know that we bought a house last spring but I'm not sure you know we still own a rental property about 2 hours away.  The hubby and I have tossed back and forth about listing the house on the market to sell.  It is such a hassle to be landlords... it is not a fun job when you live 2 hours away.  

My husband is a "fix-it" type guy!  I mean he really can fix anything but the amount of time it might take is unknown.  So our renter called a week ago informing us that she things something was wrong with the toilet.  She informed us that the flusher did not work a few months ago but her boyfriend fixed it but her water bill was extremely high.  I was wondering why she had fallen behind on her water...this explains it!  Yesterday my husband made the trip to go fix it...  he actually had to install a new one.  It made more sense to install a new on then trying to find the parts for an older toilet and the renters we happy about it.    It has been tough this year because my husband has to go out there too often, paint the porches, get a new water heater, and we still have postponed the roof.  Last year we also had to get oven.  He has to do this on his days off so I feel bad when his relax day is spend working and driving but he always keeps a good attitude.  

Now that we have 2 properties it is hard to make decisions.  I don't want to waste all our money on putting a roof on the house when I want a fence built at our new house.  Am I a lil selfish....

It is tough in this economy to sell the house but it is tough to keep hanging on to it too.  Right now we are praying God would direct us on what to do with it.  I guess I just keep praising Him that I have a house and wonderful family and not worry about all of it and just hand it over to HIM.  Please join me in praying for some guidance and wisdom in this rental property.  THANKS! 

While we are on the topic of toilets I have a fun story.  I say fun now but it sure was not fun at the moment.  My daughter was using the bathroom and was in there for sometime before she said, "Mom, the toilet is not flushing and it's leaking!"  I rushed in only to splash around at least an inch of water all over the bathroom floor.  I had to reach down and turn the water off- I am so thankful for sayings, "Righty tighty, lefty loosey!"  In those moments of panic it sure helped!  So I got the water turned off and I unclogged the toilet!  The next thing I see is the dog slurping up as much water as possible- GROSS and my toddler jumping in the puddles having "fun"!  All of this taking place when daddy is not home!  Needless to say it took some time cleaning every thing and everyone but I did have a moment of being proud that I was able to tackle the toilet issue.  :) 

So there you go 2 toilet stories! :) One handled by super mom and the other by super dad!  :)