8 Fun NON- carving and NON-scary Pumpkin Ideas

Are you looking for a new idea for PUMPKINS??  Be sure to click on each title so you can read more about the post activity.  :)

1. Crayon Melted Pumpkins was a huge hit with the hubby especially when he took over with the heat gun since the hair dryer was taking a bit longer then expected.  

2. Painted Pumpkins is always an easy but fun task especially for those younger toddlers.  :) Take it outside for an even easier clean up. 

3. Ripped Paper Pumpkin Craft was super easy to get ready yet fun for those little hands because they got to rip.  Ripping is also a great fine motor skill to work on.  

allow endless possibilities for fun.  My daughters favorite series is Pinkalicous so look at our Pink pumpkin.  We had a white pumpkin so the pink popped out beautifully!  :)

5. Sand shaker pumpkins was an activity we did in town at the art museum.  My daughter loved using the contact paper for this activity.  I think I need to find more activities with contact paper.  

6. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Pumpkins looked so adorable sitting on our front porch swing.

7. Pipe cleaner pumpkins work best when you use a skewer to poke the holes.  Young kids can still do this with your supervision of the skewer.  My 5 year old loved it!    

8. Yarn wrapped pumpkins was something I wanted to do so I honestly did it without the kids.  My son was napping and my daughter was at school and I felt like having some pumpkin fun.  :)  

Pumpkins are a great fall activity and it sure is nice to have many options for decorating them then just traditional carving.  


Unknown said…
Your ideas are so inspiring, I have two young children ages 4 and 6 and I love finding ideas that are douable for this age group. I also enjoy seeing your from WI, close to where I went to college. Keep the awesome ideas and lords praise coming. Are you really open to your followers asking for prayers?
Thanks Rachael! I am most definately open for my followers to ask for prayer!! You can leave comments on posts here or on my facebook wall. :)