Baked Cheese Curds- Healthier Alternative to Fried

Here is another pin completed from Pintrest!  :)  I am a true Wisconsin girl... I LOVE CHEESE!!!  I really love it fried but the grease is not good and it makes a healthy snack very unhealthy.  So when my sister shared this pin with me to bake string cheese I was excited.  

All you need is:
String Cheese -cut up into bite site peices
Bread Crumbs- I used Italian for flavor

After you cut the cheese into small pieces, dunk them in milk then dunk in bread crumbs.  Bake on 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes and you will have a mouth watering snack.  

Seriously, they are so good I made them 2 times in one day! 

I remember when I first starting dating my husband I made him try a fried cheese curd.  After he liked it we were talking to his dad about it.  His dad thought the mere idea of eating fried cheese was horrifying.  I really thought he was crazy and missing out on one of my favorite fatty snacks.  I am still unsure if he has actually tried cheese curds yet to this day.  

So go eat some cheese!!  :) 


Anonymous said…
Better if u dip them in milk then egg the bread crumbs