Closed on Sundays...

Hobby Lobby just opened up in our town and I am so pleased with their Christian principals.   I never realized that this store was Christian owned until I read this sign on their door.  My husband informed me that they also donate to many christian organizations.  Here is a list of some neat organizations Hobby Lobby donates too:

Also, David Green, the Owner and founder of Hobby Lobby is #79 on Forbes list.

Some other neat facts: 

Green started Hobby Lobby with a loan of $600 in 1970.  

Green opened up the first Hobby Lobby in 1972. 

One of the really neat things they donated was 1.4 BILLION copies of Good News to homes in over 100 countries.  

David Green was a pastors son and they did not have much money growing up. 

Hobby Lobby also is trying to protect us from the health care mandates... Obama-care.  Hobby Lobby actually has a lawsuit out on several Health care issues.  

After finding all of this out it makes me want to shop at Hobby Lobby over Joann's and Micheal's.  :) I mean no offense to those stores especially since we have all 3.  


Unknown said…
I love Hobby Lobby and wish one would open near us. Their standards are awesome :)

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