Daddy getting inked!

How many of you actually thought you would see a tattoo reading the word "inked?''   Not the case here!  My daughter and I sure had some fun on daddy's back drawing many pictures!  His back sure made a fun new canvas.  :) No worries, we used washable markers.  :)


Miss Janet said…
I LOVE that!

Fun times...

Kingdom Blessings,

Cathy said…
This is so sweet! Some of my fondest memories with my dad were when he let my little sister and I play hair salon on his hair!
It's so nice to see dad's playing with their little girls. It means the world to them. :)
Thanks ladies! It sure is fun creating memories and loving on each other! :)
Mrs. Darling said…
Fabulous, we usually only do this in the bath. My little guy will think this activity is great!

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