Marshmallow Mummies

These are mummies but with the green it is almost a Frankenstein type mummy!  :) 

This activity can be for a wide variety of ages.  My toddler was able to put marshmallows on his too but eventually he figured out it was tasty and he ate all his marshmallows.  

An easy Halloween craft with a tasty snack on the side.  :) I'm sure your kids will love this activity! 

The funny part is the next day they were on the fridge and my toddler kept trying to sneak marshmallows off of them.  Good thing glue is non toxic!  :) (He did that last year when we made marshmallow snowmen.)  

A big thank-you to for giving me this idea...another pintrest find!  :)


Kendall Soto said…
That is so cute! My kids would enjoy doing this!
Allison said…
I'm going to feature this on Saturday at The Sunday Showcase. :)

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