Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin


We have the Disney Mr. Potato head set, thanks to some friends who gave the big set to us!  We had fun creating the pumpkin faces and I really think the pumpkins look adorable.  I used a skewer to get a hole for the pieces and it worked great!  It allowed my kids to push in the face pieces much easier. We also used some pipe cleaners and some construction paper with a little bit of glitter.  I love the pipe cleaner look and it is cheap and fun and colorful!  :) 

Look at how happy they are with their pumpkins!  :)

Hope you are having fun with your fall and pumpkin decorating!  :) 


These are so cute! I love this decorating idea...I'm going to share it on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page!
Unknown said…
Very cute! Thanks for sharing with The Sunday Showcase.