Story Book Pumpkin-Pinkalicous Pumpkin

Last week I came across this blog post showcasing these storybook pumpkins- Check them out here:

I absolutely loved each and every pumpkin on there.  I think it is a very neat idea for each classroom to take the time to pick a favorite story and then brainstorm on how they can showcase that story on a pumpkin.  I think my favorite on the list was Fancy Nancy.  ADORABLE!  

I know most of you who follow this blog know my daughter loves Pinkalicous!  We just had a fun Pinkalicous Birthday party for her so we took some time to create our own story book pumpkin. 

We had a white pumpkin just waiting to get painted so we started by painting the pumpkin pink.  After the paint dried my daughter used markers to make the face.  Then with my help I used yarn and pipe cleaners to make the pig tales.  We also still had a wand from her party that Natasha Crafts had created and had to put that on.  We also attached some pink wings just like Pinkalicous.  The last thing we made was a crown using pipe cleaners.  Overall my daughter loves it.  We put the pumpkin next to our Mr and Mrs. Potato Head Pumpkins on our porch swing... I love our pumpkins this year!



This is beyond cute, I have a Pinkalicious fan here that LOVED it! Featured you this week on the Sunday Showcase along with your pipe cleaner pumpkins too :)