Sunshine, Smiles, and Butts

I am waiting for one more 70 degree day...just one more.  Winter in Wisconsin seems to last, well, FOREVER!  This fall weather seemed to have snuck up on me and now I am missing our  hot and humid summer.  So yes, I am praying for a few more warm days to come my way!  :) 

I just had to highlight a couple cute boys playing on the playground.  I am blessed to be able to watch this boy the same age as my son.  They play really well together and a little extra income is helping a lot!  :)  God sure takes care of us!  :) 

On this particular day the sun was shining and we were in the 60's.... close to my 70 degree day I am longing for.  The boys and I had a nice stroll around the neighborhood, me walking and them riding in the wagon.  The day was awesome and beautiful but then I let something make me angry.  

I am not a person who likes to complain but this issue seems like it exists at all our parks.  

What issue???  Well, just take a peek at my picture below.  

Yep, cigarette butts just thrown on the ground in the park by playground.  I don't know about you but I for one got a bit angry.  There was a time last year that my son actually put one of these cancer sticks in his mouth.  :(  GROSS  There have been a couple times too that I have left a park because of people smoking right where my kids are playing.  NOT COOL- DISRESPECTFUL

I do not understand how parents or caregivers feel OK to smoke around children??  Then to leave the butts around so anyone of these little ones can pick it up and put it in their mouths...grrrrrr

1. I know I really should not allow something like this to steal my joy but it truly is upsetting.  2. I know I should not be judging.  3. I should not be pointing out the speck in someones eye.  4. I should be more loving.  So my solution was to just rebuke smoking and praying for addictions to be broken and freedom to take place.  So I have decided that no longer will this issue make me angry and steal my joy but instead I am going to pray about it.  JOIN ME!  :) 


Maegan Morin said…
I am personally a smoker but I share your disgust at seeing cigarette butts all over parks. I know that I personally twist out the cherry of all my smokes, stomp on them till their not lit anymore and toss the butts in the garbage. Its really not that hard. Some people are just so lazy.
Maegan Morin said…
Oh and for the record my kids have seen me smoke but its not like im sitting their blowing it in their faces... just saying.
Thank You Maegan Morin for being a responsible smoker.