Toddler Art: Cotton Ball Ghosts

Toddlers can and do love art!  My 18 month old had a lot of fun playing with cotton balls.  Before we glued them on the paper we felt them, threw them, blew them, and stretched them out.  I wish I could understand all his gibberish as he did this.  I really want to know what he thought of all that fun.  :)  Exploring is sometimes the best part of art.  After exploring the fun cotton balls I put glue on a piece of paper and my son and his friend both had to make a ghost.  The personalities of these boys can be so similar yet so different.  My son was excited to do this activity while his friend lost interest quickly but the opposite happened when we did a different activity a week prior. Funny Boys! Maybe I can find an activity that they both will love!  

Supplies needed for this ghost:
cotton balls
paper cut out
black circles for eyes and mouth


Anonymous said…
I love this idea.
I hope you don't mind but I'm going to pin it to my autism pinterest board because of the circles and ease of this activity for my youngest son.
Unknown said…
Very cute, and I agree toddlers love art! I include mine all the time. Thanks for sharing with The Sunday Showcase.